June 20, 2024

Yet again, I am inspired to write about something that happened in a healing session with one of my clients last week. It very nicely illustrates how energy healing works, and how energy is experienced and perceived by different people.In the case taking part of the session, Marianne (name changed) was talking about her ex-partner, and how she still seemed unable to completely let go of him. She told me that as she brought him to mind and talked in more detail about some of the things she still feels about him, she could feel an ache in her sacral area. This ache is very familiar to her – and she described it also as a kind of longing.In the hands on healing session, when I started to work on this area of her body, I could feel the pain in my hands. Generally, I don’t see energy (I’m open to the possibility of that changing in the future!) – rather, I can feel in my hands that there is pain, or an ache, or held in emotions from the past. Or another way I can tell that there is stuck energy is through feeling it in my own body. So, sometimes if a client has energy ready to be released in his solar plexus area, I will feel that in my own solar plexus, or if a client has a headache, I may also experience pain in my own head.As we continued working, the energy that my client could feel began to change. It moved to different parts of her body, and also changed shape. This is very common when we begin to pay attention to energy within the body: it is often not static. Marianne, at my invitation, began to say things to her ex-partner that she hadn’t been able to say at the time, and which she needed to let go of. As she spoke, the stuck energy began to leave her body.Finally, she was left with a “remainder” of energy that she felt predated the ex-partner. Often, these energies can come to us at a time when we are in danger and in need of protection. So, they may come in to make us feel safe, perhaps stopping us from fully feeling difficult emotions. As time goes by, however, we become habituated to not fully feeling things, and we can be ready to release those energies. So, we did a simple ritual where Marianne thanked the energy for being with her, told it that she no longer needed it, and released it into the light where it would be safe.I could feel the energy changing and “lightening” in my hands. Marianne reported a sense of relief – and that she could see something “floating” out of her body – laden down with heavy suitcases, and with wings! Obviously, something she was ready to let go of!Releasing this energy from the past is immensely healing. As Marianne saw so graphically, we can be “laden” down with “stuff” (suitcases!) from the past which we no longer need. Releasing this past energy can lead to the energy flowing more freely in our energy fields and bodies – which increases our vitality and energy. It also releases us from the past, and enables us to be more fully engaged with life.If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, releasing this energy from the past is a step on the journey towards more wholeness, more vitality, more balance and more energy. It is a key part of the way that I work with people with this debilitating condition.