July 24, 2024

What’s wrong with clean coal? Nothing, it’s just that anti-coal, anti-energy, and anti-fossil fuel folks just can’t seem to understand the physics of energy. On one hand they claim to be all-knowing academics with scientific and empirical data to back-up their every move, but on the other hand they deny the reality that fossil fuels are packed with a lot of energy which is readily available. Never mind that reality, they are busy using inferior forms of energy generation based on a new religion of global warming, saving the planet, and preventing pollution.

Rather than thinking this through they work to undermine free-markets, deny physics, and promote their agendas without regard to that which as scientists and engineers they know inherently to be correct “the laws of physics” as their new religion has blinded them to seeing the most obvious. Refusing to admit their folly they offer up billions of US taxpayer’s dollars and summon it to their cause, continuing to throw more good money after bad, as they pretend a false sense of urgency based on manipulated science and the desire for more inflows for their further research grants.

Daniel Tratta had written a very interesting article on February 5, 2013 titled; “Under Obama, coal country fights for its way of life,” which made some interesting points on how the coal industry has indeed changed over the last good many years. Now then, I have another point to make;

Imagine if we had spent the money on Solyndra on “pure research” instead, specifically for clean coal energy generation and carbon nanotube material science? Then we could have merely trapped that carbon in the smoke stacks of generation stations to use for making carbon nanotube products such as car bodies. It’s amazing the stupidity of short term fundamentalist agenda driven crony capitalist enhanced short-term thinking – so let’s think on that for a moment if we might.

While you are questioning my ascertains let me also give you some reading material; “Physics for Future Presidents” by Robert Muller because this can best help you understand why solar, wind, and other alternative strategies just are not working so well in the real world, or why they cannot compete based on the cost of building the infrastructure or deliver reliable abundant energy which our civilization needs, not just here in the US, everywhere in the world.

It is time to stop kidding ourselves and evaluate where we’ve made mistakes so we don’t do that again, not in any industry or sector of our economy. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.